Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar disorder in children can manifest itself quite differently than it does in other people as they get older. Bipolar in children is often defined by mood changes that occur very quickly without much notice. Mood swings in children, pre-teens, and teenagers are part of getting older and becoming an adult. However, it is when these drastic changes in temperament begin to keep the child from function in a normal manner that bipolar disorder must be considered. Bipolar II disorder is a mental illness that causes varied and sever changes in mood, amounts of energy, and overall disposition. [Read more...]

History Of Bipolar Disorder

As you can likely imagine, the history of bipolar disorder is quite vague. This is largely due to misunderstanding of symptoms and fear of a much worse underlying mental illness. As early as 300 AD, people exhibiting symptoms of Bipolar II may have been executed! The history of bipolar disorder shows that there were a number of symptoms mentioned in early medical records. [Read more...]

Bipolar and Pregnancy

Bipolar and pregnancy are generally two conditions that you would not want to mix together for obvious reasons. Women of all mental capacities, including those with bipolar II disorder, desire to have a baby at one point in their lifetime. Balancing bipolar and pregnancy is a careful tight rope walk that must take into account the illness, available treatments, the health of the mother, and the well-being of the newborn infant child. These decisions need to be made in the presence of licensed professionals that include both psychiatric doctors and obstetric doctors. The main worries that woman have regarding bipolar and pregnancy include how the pregnancy will affect their mental illness and how the prescribed medication will affect the unborn child. [Read more...]