Bipolar II Symptoms in Women

Bipolar II is a type of mental illness that is very similar to Bipolar I disorder in that it involves mood changes that range between high and low temperaments over time. Many of the bipolar II symptoms in women are unique and need to be understood for a proper diagnosis.

bipolar ii symptoms in womenThe euphoric mood of bipolar II never reaches a complete mania as it does with bipolar 1 disorder. In this case, people with bipolar II experience episodes of hypomania, which are less intense than mania. One of the major bipolar II symptoms in women is the fact that they may experience four or more episodes of hypomania each year. Additionally, women will experience more episodes of depression than men will overall. Women are more prone to developing bipolar II disorder and may never experience a full-on manic episode.

Bipolar II Symptoms in Women: Hypomania

  • Rapid Thought Process
  • Decision making that is spontaneous and unhealthy
  • Impulsive spending habits
  • Many sexual partners
  • Irritable attitudes
  • Very fast speech
  • Seemingly unaware of risky behavior
  • Always happy, even at inappropriate times

Bipolar II Symptoms in Women: Depression

  • Sleepy all the time
  • Stays in bed all day
  • Speaks very slowly
  • Low Confidence
  • Feels Worthless
  • Lacking Self Esteem
  • May cause self harm or attempt suicide

Bipolar II Symptoms in Women: Treatment

The mood stabilizing drugs that are prescribed for the bipolar II symptoms in women have been shown to cause reproductive issues in some cases. Specifically, these drugs can cause polycystic ovary syndrome that is directly related to female hormonal balances. When this condition is acquired, the female may be at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer in the uterus, and infertility.

If the female is currently pregnant, it is extremely important to speak with their doctor about the benefits and risks of taking medication for the bipolar II symptoms. For example, Lithium, which is commonly prescribed, has been proven to be responsible for medical issues and birth defects in certain newborn babies. Medical supervision is necessary if the mother is taking lithium during her pregnancy. Some women opt for outdated electroconvulsive therapy instead of lithium during their pregnancy.

It is extremely important that females with bipolar II disorder speak to their doctors about their plans for becoming pregnant. Bipolar medication should never be ceases until the doctor gives the order.

In conclusion, the common bipolar II symptoms in women may manifest in many different ways. Feelings of euphoria and happiness may be present at one moment, and then the female may start feeling worthless or depressed the next moment. Women with bipolar II disorder will experience long episodes of depression and frequent periods of hypomania. In between these episodes, they may be able to lead a normal lifestyle. It is important to provide as much support as possible for these women in need. If you see any of the bipolar II symptoms in women, it is important to seek out treatment immediately.